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Journal Articles

Coming soon. My research interests include Digital Trust, Information Management and Governance.

The following article was included in the May 2019 Impact Magazine, the Operational Research Society publication, on “Making Sense of Big Data using Cluster Analysis”

External Blog Posts / Publications

Short articles published online elsewhere:

Coventry University CURB Blog article(s): My  posting on the subject of data journalism can be found here.

Tensions in the Data Environment. A post on the  day conference to be held at Coventry university on 21st November 2018 is here. I presented a research paper on structure and Agency in digital Environments.

ISC² Cybersecurity Cloud Insights Magazine: As a certified information security practitioner, I have  contributed articles on ‘7 Ways to Increase Cloud Resilience in your Organisation’ for the Cloud Security Insights website, and ‘Enhancing Business Reputation through Security’, forthcoming.

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