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I am Dr. Duncan Greaves, CISSP

My PhD is in Cybersecurity Management and I studied at the Centre for Business in Society at Coventry University in the UK. I submitted my thesis, titled “An Integrative Model of Information Security and Trust Formation in Socio-technical environments” in summer 2019.  I work as a Research Fellow in the Secure Cyber Systems Research Group (SCSRG) at WMG, University of Warwick.

My  ResearchGate researcher profile is here.

My research interests include the connection between information flow and trust in online and socio-technical systems, the development of privacy-friendly data mining techniques, and the impact that enterprise and information architecture has on the workings of organisations and institutions. Examples of my research work can be found here , academic paper presentations are here  and my published papers can be found here.

I’ve had lots of experience at working as a Software designer, Developer, Information Architect and Consultant based in the UK as well as Australia. Now appears a good time to turn all that practice into theory.

My special passion is in the area of Information Architecture and I hope that as this blog matures it will convey my opinions on the diverse but connected worlds of Technology, Information, Strategy, Cybersecurity and Architecture in society.

I should also point out that this blog represents my own views. The opinions are mine are general in nature, and do not constitute endorsement or otherwise reflect the views of my employers, past or current.

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